About us

“We do all that helps you keep your employees free
for things they can do best and therefore should do themselves."

consultens Technologies owes its extraordinary development and the excellent reputation the consistent implementation of this philosophy.

Professional engineering - whether conceptually on the "drawing board" or 3-dimensional using high-end CAD & CAE tools - proven competence and fairness towards our business partners is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of complex projects.

2001 Start-up of consultens Technologies in Magdeburg-Barleben as development partner for lightweight engineering for the automotive (=> suspension) and general mechanical engineering
2004 First steps into the commercial vehicle sector / light duty trucks
2005 Acquisition of the office in Ingolstadt and diversification in other sectors
2006 First steps into manufacturing prototypes with competent partners
2007 consultens Technologies becomes sister company of the consultens Professional Services under the parent organization of the consultens Group
2009 First steps into the development of petrol engines in Ingolstadt
2011 Joining the European Network Rapid Manufacturing as partner
2012 First steps into the development of diesel engines in Magdeburg

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