Prototype delivery

For all divisions, we provide cost-effective, fast and reliable prototype parts in the intended execution:

• Sand casting and investment casting incl. machining
• Plastic injection molding
• Milled from solid material
• Sheet metal forming
• Rapid Prototyping
• Pipes and tubes in plastic
• Break pipes

Delivery times (ex. factory - estimated):
• 1 Week for milled parts and simple sheet metal forming
• 2 Weeks for investment cast, pipes  & tubes
• 3 Weeks for Sandcast, complex sheet metal forming and
   straight break pipes
• 4 Weeks for ready to use cast parts incl. machining and quality report, and
   curved break pipes

• Aluminium
• Steel
• Iron
• Plastics
• Silikone

Additional services
• X-Ray
• Crack test
• Heat treatment
• Part measurement and/or initial sample test report
• Surface treatment (Masking, Coating) to enhance the friction coefficient of
   metals, polymers and CFP

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