Dipl. Ing. Michael Wagner is Managing Director of consultens Technologies since January 2004.


1990 Graduation
1990 – 1995 Studying mechanical engineering (design and development) at the TU Munich
1995 – 2000 Development Engineer at AUDI AG in the suspension sector
2000 – 2003 Design Manager / Technical Sales at consultens Group
2004 – heute Managing Director of consultens Technologies GmbH

You spend a lot of time at work, so be sure to have a lot of fun there!


Particularly our partners in Northern Germany are supported from the headquarters of the consultens Technologies in Magdeburg-Barleben.

Steinfeldstraße 3
39179 Barleben
Tel.:+49 39203 / 8121-0

The branch in Ingolstadt is the development center in southern Germany.

Schütterlettenweg 6
85053 Ingolstadt
Tel.:+49 (0)841 / 99348-0

Arbeiten bei consultens Technologies

Unsere Kunden sind anspruchsvoll und erwarten von uns das, was wir auf der Webseite versprechen. Unsere Mitarbeiter kommen bevorzugt aus der Praxis oder erwerben sie in entsprechenden Projekten, bevor sie alleine auf "große Fahrt" gehen. Auf jeden Fall haben wir Leute, die von sich aus über den Tellerrand hinaus schauen und das Ganze sehen. Das schätzen übrigens unsere Kunden an unseren Mitarbeitern.

Wenn Themen wie CAD (Pro/ENGINEER®, CATIA® etc.), FEM (Nastran®, Abaqus®, Optistruct® etc.), PDM/PLM (z.B. Windchill®) aber auch Oracle oder die aktuellen SW-Tools (.NET, Java etc.) in ihrem CV vorkommen, sollen Sie uns Ihre Bewerbung schicken.

Wenn Sie glauben, dass Sie zu uns passen könnten, nehmen Sie einfach Kontakt mit uns auf, am einfachsten über This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , auch wenn Ihre Traumposition nicht gerade auf der folgenden Liste steht.

Unser junges, motiviertes Team freut sich schon auf Sie.


Technology is our passion

achieving the optimum our goal

Since its foundation in 2001, consultens Technologies has become a respected development partner for lightweight engineering of international companies in automotive, railway equipment, aerospace, medical technology and general engineering.

At two locations we develop target-oriented solutions for our customers from the initial idea, via possible concepts heading for the final series product.

Flexibility, confidence and reliability are the base of our success. The noticeable work-life balance among our employees improves the innovative capacity and provides exceptional results in the shortest possible time - our "Rapid German Engineering".

About us

“We do all that helps you keep your employees free
for things they can do best and therefore should do themselves."

consultens Technologies owes its extraordinary development and the excellent reputation the consistent implementation of this philosophy.

Professional engineering - whether conceptually on the "drawing board" or 3-dimensional using high-end CAD & CAE tools - proven competence and fairness towards our business partners is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of complex projects.

2001 Start-up of consultens Technologies in Magdeburg-Barleben as development partner for lightweight engineering for the automotive (=> suspension) and general mechanical engineering
2004 First steps into the commercial vehicle sector / light duty trucks
2005 Acquisition of the office in Ingolstadt and diversification in other sectors
2006 First steps into manufacturing prototypes with competent partners
2007 consultens Technologies becomes sister company of the consultens Professional Services under the parent organization of the consultens Group
2009 First steps into the development of petrol engines in Ingolstadt
2011 Joining the European Network Rapid Manufacturing as partner
2012 First steps into the development of diesel engines in Magdeburg

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